Community Led Homes has launched a new practical guide to partnerships between housing associations and community-led housing (CLH) organisations, which has been endorsed by HACT, the National Housing Federation, PlaceShapers and the Rural Housing Alliance.

Over the past ten years, the community-led housing sector has grown tenfold and many community led housing (‘CLH’) organisations and housing associations have worked together to form successful partnerships that have produced and are producing high quality, permanently affordable, community led housing.

Partnering with housing associations brings great benefits to CLH organisations such as Community Land Trusts and Housing Co-operatives. Some of these include: significant development and management expertise, access to Homes England grant funding, access to loan finance at more competitive rates, valuable project management experience and strategic relationships with partners in local authorities.

There are also many benefits for housing associations that choose to partner with CLH organisations including: helping meet their ethical commitments, accessing sites that would not normally be made available to housing associations, and accessing grant funding that is targeted specifically at CLH organisations.

CLH organisations can often mobilise more community support for housing, and have more detailed knowledge of local housing needs and affordability requirements. They may also be able accomplish planning permission more easily as well as providing unique publicity opportunities.

For more information, see the full guide.

Download the guide here

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